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What *Is* Art Plagiarism? (READ THIS)
Okay, due to some flaming I've received because I brought art plagiarism to the attention of an art plagiarist... I've realized that there is more than a good number of people who don't know what art plagiarism really is--so, I've written an informative journal for you all. It's broken down into several easy to understand sections. You might also get a good tl;dr out of reading this amazing tutorial. Hopefully, if my journal's not enough to understand the meaning of art plagiarism, then the tutorial will be (or vice versa, maybe my journal will help you understand the tutorial more). :p
:bulletblue: What Is Art Theft?
:bulletblue: What Is Tracing?
:bulletblue: What Is Art Paraphrasing?
:bulletblue: Why Can't I Use Other People's Art as "Reference" to Make My Own Art?
:bulletblue: How Can I Avoid Being Called on Art Plagiarism?
If you have any questions after reading this journal, or would like to debate with me,
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'Plagiarism' and 'Tracing' cases
Hi everyone.
First of all, I need to say I NEVER trace photos or other people's works. That's too much.
Second: all the cases is not intended to pass for original work. It's strange to think that if you find something on the internet you can steal it, pass it as your own and nobody ever find original one.
I'm still learning, and sometimes when I like character, overall style, composition etc I want to know why I liked it. So maybe there is where the problem starts - I start to copy (or imitate) it to understand what's so good in it. In the end it's more like a redraw, or a 'tribute'. 
My thoughts was that draw tributes means to express my love to the artist and to learn from him. Yes, mistake was in not giving a proper credit, and now I understand.
My biggest mistake was to don't have an ability to understand that it doesn't clear about originality of the pieces, about tributing, to think that is something obvious.
And I'm really sorry for that. I
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

....φ(・∀・*) Digital & Traditional Art, Illustration/Watercolor painting, and design
( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一 loves gaming
( ̄ω ̄) communications student
。゚(TヮT)゚。 loves playing piano and listening to music

My art journal and sketches link below

my life


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    Hi I'm Roxey and I love digital art and Illustration. I also like drawing and painting traditionally. I am currently in the process of being a self-taught artist. I like Confucius's saying "It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." I always have admired artists and want to be one :)

    What started to really inspire me draw is the anime "Cardcaptor Sakura" in which I grew to have an obsession on. It started at age 10. I still remembered the time I shared CCS to my childhood best friend and listened to a Walkman with their CD soundtracks inside the elementary classroom. It led me drawing to my own manga and I even made characters and their design. I didn't even know what character design was back then. I only simply loved to draw portraits of an anime-styled character and their whole standing-up straight body. I was doing some drawing but I was too lazy reading guides and "how to's" to improve my art. I only stayed inside my comfort zone, drawing sketchily and studying art was a hassle to me.

    I was discouraged proceeding with drawing when I was in high school because of a friend of mine that was so good at it. I thought, "if I can't do so much better than her, then why continue this?" I really admired her skills. She said she was taught by her older friend and they're pretty close.
    Then instead of drawing, I discovered a software called Photoshop and began to have a liking on it. I started doing digital scrapbook artisan craft style. I loved to print them and put them in a clear folder. I had my own prints and layouts of all about Cardcaptor Sakura.

    I am very happy because I didn't expect to major in architecture on my first almost 2 years of college. That was how it made me comeback to art by Visual Tech classes and Multimedia presentation of buildings and stuff. It sparked back my interest and thought that "Wow, drawing can be learned with hard work and enthusiasm." Of course talent is also a big point to it. So thus my journey began again. I have become passionate and I want to be more passionate. I think God made me realize to come back. Well, that's just my thoughts.

    Look up to more talented artists and make it an inspiration to go on. Look at how hard they tried with their efforts too. They also did what they can do.

    The key is patience in doing art and have the willingness to improve. Don't let things ever stop you again.


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